Our environment

The region of Guadix

A fusion of tradition and contemporary

A colourful, picturesque region

Its morphological variety, together with its topography and other factors, like the climatic impact or the anthropological influence, have helped to settle one of the best defining features for the region of Guadix: its huge environmental, landscape and natural wealth, where many diverse and contrasted views such as the summits of Sierra Nevada, Llanos del Zenete, Riberas del Fardes or genuine badlands can be found.

This wealth makes it possible to protect the best part of the area by taking part in the three parks surrounding it: Sierra de Huétor Natural Park, Sierra de Baza Natural Park and Sierra Nevada National Park, the latter also declared a biosphere reserve. These three areas take up an important part of the regional area.

The geostrategic location of the Region of Guadix makes it the ideal place for the settlement of different cultures since Lower Palaeolithic to our days (Romans, Iberians, Visigoths, Arabians, Christians…). A large number of found material remains prove it.

Therefore, we can find hereditary elements dating from different eras that establish a region provided with a remarkable cultural heritage. Essentially, this circumstance has meant the launch of several actions to value heritage itself and to use it as a touristic and/or educational resource. Among these projects, it is relevant the creation of topic routes, design of itineraries and their signage, guide editing and construction of interpretation centres.