Casas Cueva Tío Tobas

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If you want to get away, get away with us

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A privileged place within reach

We take up a privileged environment. In wild nature, but within your reach. Our staff is at your disposal to listen to you and provide you with a tailor-made stay. We have the natural resources and necessary facilities to make your stay in Tío Tobas an unforgettable experience.

Casas Cueva del Tío Tobas

Carretera de Almería, km 1, 18511

Alcudia de Guadix - Granada

Distances from Tío Tobas

Everything you need is within your reach

We take up a privileged, strategic location where you can access the best natural resources and necessary facilities in the city.

A colourful environment

A unique place to develop your family instinct

In our cave houses shapes are curved, unequal, beautiful and comfortable, where the pleasures of life become bigger and tangible.

Walls and floors show the passing of time generation after generation. The true nature of our land and people is written on them.

General map of our environment

Try out a unique experience and feel the benefits from staying in a cave