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is in a cave

Experience new sensations in a unique stay

A colourful landscape

A rural resort inside a natural environment

Our rural resort is a natural shelter to get away from stressful, modern life and get in touch again with nature and life itself in a comfortable, family atmosphere. Our facilities have all that is necessary to offer you a haven of peace and a genuine experience for all your senses.

General map of our natural setting

Comments from our guests

Testimonies of our main mission: your happiness


"A great discovery"

We had another place in mind, but we stopped to have lunch and decided to stay. Never had we been inside a cave and it was a wonderful discovery. The cave houses are a delight in summer, when we were there. They are very cool. It’s a luxury to take a nap there. They are really peaceful and you can sleep like a baby. The price is truly good and not expensive at all. There’s no doubt we’ll repeat again!

Enrique Chaves - Extremadura (14/07/17)


"It was indeed a pleasure!"

The direct contact with nature, the tranquillity in the air and everything is just close to the highway. We could bring our dog with us and for free, cool! The staff were more than lovely, always attentive and helping us with anything they could. We stayed in a studio, with everything we needed. We will repeat as soon as we can make it, because it’s really worth it.

Antonio Serra - Madrid (29/06/17)


"They made me feel at home"

This is the ideal place to get away in front of a fireplace, rest from the stress of the city in their quite, cosy, rural caves, which are filled with details. There are an endless number of activities to do in the area, such as getting lost among its castles or incomparable views to Sierra Nevada. The staff make you feel at home.

Paqui Rincón - Andalucía (30/03/17)
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A whole range of possibilities

Rest, relax and much more…

The adventurous instinct comes to light among valleys and mountains. Enjoy an ancient land full of archaeological sites castles, caves and historical places. Take over the territory in our natural parks and enjoy the tribal spirit by walking round centenarian roads crossing rivers, forests and millenary cliffs.


Practise this activity within an incomparable environment and discover Sierra Nevada and its surroundings just walking.


A brand-new leisure proposal to make your own bread and cheese. Revive some activities from the past and meet Cave-dwelling.

Donkey ride

You can take a ride on our two donkeys and connect with such a docile, loving, protected animal.

Equestrian routes

Discover our most singular hideouts on horseback and experience your connection to these animals.


A different eco-tourism gastronomic experience: Enjoy our eco-friendly orchard.

Wine cellar

Come visit our wine cellars and enjoy the excellent wines produced in our very own land.

Markmanship workshop

Become a true archer and bring this millenary practice to the present inside our rural complex.

Cultural visits

For those who love history and culture, we offer several options of cultural tourism with many museums.

Historical routes

Historical-cultural itineraries to discover the traces of human beings and the history from our ancestors.

4×4 routes

Explore in a 4x4 car the incredible bad-lands, the most arid, peculiar areas in the country.

Snow and ski

If you are an adventurous person who enjoys winter, just 20 minutes from to Tío Tobas you will find a paradise of leisure and snow.

Ride in a hot-air balloon

Fly high and explore the diversity of our region from a bird’s eye view and reaching the sky.


Feel the vibrations from flamenco in our region every weekend.


If you feel like practising proactive tourism, we can offer a variety of proposals whether it is with your friends, family or colleagues from work.

Experiences packs

Choose what sensation you want to experience and we will wrap it up for you

Whether you are a lone wolf, a hopeless romantic or the family type. Whether you are an adventurer or settled down. Whether you are one of those who enjoy history and culture or rather sport or gastronomy… Cuevas Tío Tobas suggests experiences for all publics with something in common: take pleasure in nature easily and wisely.

The wealth of an ancient land

A privileged place inside a colourful environment

Our Cave Houses are in the region of Guadix, a land that possesses a significant cultural and natural legacy. This is a unique place to find the traces of very different civilisations as well as the wealth and diversity of three natural parks, a desert area of an extraordinary beauty or a natural maritime park. An incomparable environment to enjoy with all your senses.