Uncle Tobas Caves

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October 2019 offer

With your reservation, free visit to the Interpretation Center of TRÓPOLIS

This Interpretation Center is a place where the earth speaks to us and tells its secrets and mysteries. A cave space, unique in its theme, designed for the interaction of the visitor with the Culture. Composed of 7 rooms, it immerses itself in the interpretation of different ethnological heritage elements “Bread, cheese, wine, handicrafts and troglodyticism”.

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  • Breakfast included

  • Welcome drink

  • Gift souvenir
  • Check out until 17:00
    (Sunday to Thursday)

  • Stroll through our complex surrounded by pine trees overlooking the Sierra Nevada and the Geopark (3.5km)

  • We leave you two bicycles to do MTB routes *

  • We give you a box to pick up the organic production of our garden and take it home (summer fruit and vegetable season) *

  • Enjoy tuning your aim with our bows **

* (From reservations of two nights) – ** (From reservations of three nights)

Stroll through the Uncle Tobas Caves

Stroll through our complex surrounded by pine trees overlooking the Sierra Nevada and the Geopark (3.5km)

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Prices of our caves

Prices from September 2019 to December 31, 2020

AccommodationHigh seasonLow season
Caves Suite
1 bedroom 2 people (38-45m2)
Family Caves
Two / Three bedrooms. 4 people (70-85m2)
Duplex Caves
2 bedrooms and 2 floors. 2 living rooms and 2 bathrooms. 4 people (85-95m2)
1 bedroom house. 2 people (30-35m2)
Additional person20€15€
Continental breakfast5€5€
Firewood for your cave5€5€
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High season: Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. Bridges, Christmas (December 23 to January 5), Easter (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and August (August 1 to 31). – Minimum stays at Christmas, Easter and bridges: 3 days.

Low season: from Sunday to Thursday of the rest of the year, except the dates indicated in high season.

20% discount for 7 days of accommodation.
The departure of the accommodation will be at 12:00, although you can request authorization at reception for departure at 17:00.