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Megalithic Park

A valley filled with dolmens from where to look at the traces of prehistory

A valley filled with dolmens

Gorafe Megalithic Park has one of the biggest gatherings of dolmens (megalithic funerary constructions from the Bronze Age), with a total of two hundred and forty, which means one of the biggest gathering of this sort of funerary monuments in Spain as well as Europe.

This element belongs to Gorafe Desert georoute together with the Gorafe Megalitism Interpretation Centre and other natural resources of extraordinary interest.

Megalithic tombs of Gorafe area are surrounded by a breath-taking landscape known as badlands. An important number of those lies on the edge of the plain over the canyon, although other locations also exist. Its construction required using large pieces of conglomerate carbonate (‘caliches’), obtained from the very same place they were built.

Around 30 tombs have been restored and all of them can be visited. Highly recommended visiting n.134 due to its special typology and preservation status.