Our environment

La Alpujarra

A wild paradise inhabited among valleys and cliffs

A wild yet domesticated orography

La Alpujarra takes up from the southern side of Sierra Nevada to the sea, and from the region of Lecrín Valley to the confluence of Andarax and Nacimiento rivers. From the highest summits of the peninsula to the Mediterranean Sea there are a wide range of very valuable landscapes related to diversity and scientific and human interest.

The ethnographic heritage in it comes from its isolation, but also from the influence of different cultures that settled here, of which the Muslim period left more visible vestiges on the characteristic landscape of this area.

The contrasts caused by this high mountain, plus its villages and traditional elements as part of the landscape, make La Alpujarra a diversity paradise capable of seducing any traveller.

Quite a number of distinguished authors from all times and nationalities have got very impressed by its wild orography. Thus, these authors’ works have captured its legends and ancestral habits, making them unforgettable pieces of universal literature.

We can find narrators like Gautier, Alarcón or Brenan; poets like García Lorca or Calderón de la Barca; painters like Gustav Doré; travellers like Richard Ford; botanists like Boissier or Willkomm; engineers like Hertting; doctors like Olóriz; anthropologists like Caro Baroja or Spanhi and many others. All of them knew how to depict their admiration for a land that kept isolated for many centuries, which has let it preserved the authenticity of their people. Through their works, they give evidence of the incredible rusticity and purity of such a rough area.